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You know, when you hold your mouse over an image for a while and that little text box comes up.

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it is called a "tooltip"

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thanks (fifteen) – Petey B Aug 19 '09 at 15:43

Yes, "tooltip".

You can get one over images on a web page by adding a title attribute. This is dependent on implemention in the browser, but it's pretty widely adopted

<img src="" title="this is the tooltip"/>

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As a side note, sometimes browsers display a tooltip based on the alt text (the value of the alt attribute); which is a standard for when a browser cannot display the image, the alt text is shown. – Travis Aug 19 '09 at 16:17

It's called a tooltip.

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Sorry for the duplicate; he posted a few seconds before me. I don't really want to delete though; since I included a Wikipedia link. – DLH Aug 19 '09 at 15:44
I gave you a +1 for including the link. :) – RiddlerDev Aug 19 '09 at 15:53
Thanks! I just returned the favor. – DLH Aug 19 '09 at 15:56

Is this in HTML? If so it is the title attribute ie <img src="x.jpg" title="tooltip"/>

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