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I don't know why but the start->search line in my computer - does not work!

It shows me something that says Programs as result and does not search!

I used to just type something like CMD and it will open cmd.

Why is it?

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Check the following page for troubleshooting your symptoms: Windows 7 Start search bar not working

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so the only option is to create new user? I prefer not.. – Dejel Mar 15 '11 at 11:29

tl;dr: restart the explorer.exe process - Windows 7 Start Menu search not working

I have found various suggestions for solutions, including

I was reluctant to try those rather complex solutions, then I noticed that beside the start search not working, also the calendar wouldn't pop up. Remembering the useful trick from WinXP, I restarted the explorer.exe process and presto.

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