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Recently I have been scanning some of my hand written notes. Each page ends up as a .bmp file (300 DPI A4). I wish to combine/compress these too a DJVU file for easy reading.


  • Does anyone know of any programs/utilities for OS X/Linux that can do this.
  • If so, what settings can be considered optimal (lined paper, some coloured ink used).
  • Are there any practical means of tagging pages/regions (to create an outline).
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There is some help available here:

The package for doing it is DjVuLibre, which has a utility to create a DJVU file from a TIFF or PBM file. If you need something to easily convert your BMPs to TIFFs, try ImageMagick.

Ad far as outline tagging, I'm entirely lost on how you'd do that.

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Any2Djvu is a good utility : Any2Djvu

If you want to convert into pdf , ImageMagick is a good one. ( It's mainly an image processing utility . ) ImageMagick

For more info , go to here

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