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I run Windows XP inside a virtual machine for some tasks. I attempted to use git to version the image for virtual box; however, it is about 6GB after all the service packs. I only have 6GB of ram and git bombs out saying it is out of memory.

I would basically like to have snapshots of Windows so that I can simply blow away an image and start anew when I want to. I like to have something I can rollback to in the event that an upgrade doesn't work so I would prefer to use version control or snapshots if the filesystem supports it.

Any ideas on what tools I can use to do that?

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Your best guess is to use virtualization software features. For example Virtualbox supports snapshotting. That's pretty effective way for achieving what you described.

VMWare Workstation supports exactly the same functionality.

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I will have to give that a try, it does support differencing which is what I want. It'll be a simple change for my backup process, instead of git commands, I can just use rsync to setup mirrors. – Walter White Mar 16 '11 at 3:34

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