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In Windows 7, I use two IEEE802.1X wired network authentitication settings which I have to change by hand, since every time I switch the configuration, the old one is lost. (In Linux this is trivially handled by the wpa-supplicant)

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I know nothing about IEEE802.1X authentication, but I guess it's stored in the registry. I'd use a monitoring tool like Procmon to see what the changes are between the two settings, and create two batch files to change between them. – user3463 Mar 16 '11 at 7:36
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I finally found a script-based solution which exploits the netsh utility in windows 7.

Firstly i used netsh lan export profile folder=<folder> for both 802.1 profiles (I manually set up the first, then exported its settings, then repeated the same for the second, etc), thus I got one XML file for each profile.

Then I wrote a simple script for each of them (have to be run as administrator)

chcp 1250
netsh lan add profile filename="<folder>\profile1.xml" interface="Local Area Network"

provided that the script file has the Windows cp1250 encoding and the network interface has name Local Area Network.

The interface name can be determined by running:

netsh lan show interfaces
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