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I don't know the specifics of CD/DVD drive sharing on OS X, but my understanding is the following:

I have two Macbook Pros, one late-2007 with a damaged DVD drive and one early-2011 with a fully functioning one. When I turn on CD/DVD drive sharing on the new one, isn't the older one supposed to display the shared drive in the finder?

My problem is: I am not able to access the drive, I just can't see it in the Finder's sidebar.

Some additional info:

  • Both are running 10.6.6
  • Both are in the same network, subnet and are able to see each other
  • I need the DVD inserted to install the software, it won't install from a mounted .iso or .dmg file
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Disk Sharing (client-side) is only enabled for Macbook Air and certain Mac minis:

You can then share CDs or DVDs from your Mac or PC to your MacBook Air or Mac mini via your network.

There's a hidden preference to enable it though. Enter the following in Terminal:

defaults write EnableODiskBrowsing -bool true
defaults write ODSSupported -bool true

Reboot and you can start using it on your broken MBP.

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