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I'm looking for a command-line tool to automatically fetch and tag my MP4 files using data from

A Google search didn't turn up anything useful.

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I haven't come across anything for Ubuntu yet unfortunately. The closest I have found is TVRename which is for windows. I haven't managed to get it working in Wine yet either, so I am resorting to running it on a Windows system over the network (but a VM would do just as well).

The source code is available, and I'm sure they'd welcome help in porting it to Linux...

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So thats not quite what I'm looking for. I want a program that can add MP4 tags to a file based on that data. I'm currently using tvnamer on Ubuntu which does the same job as TVRename. – Olly Mar 16 '11 at 15:51
Oooh, not come across that one - fantastic stuff - downloading now. No idea with mp4 tags (are they the video equivalent to id3?) – Majenko Mar 16 '11 at 16:04
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I couldn't find anything that fit my requirements. So I wrote my own tool AtomicTV to do the job. It's a wrapper around AtomicParsley and fetches info from

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