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This is really strange...

I have developped a little something for an aplication that uses Scanner with flatbed and optional autofeeder (scan multiples leaves at once ).

I had some troubles, but everything was ok if with my test scanner HP Scanjet5590 I selected the source hp scanjet 5590 TWAIN 1.0 (32-32). The other drivers, namely the most recent ones were really bogus (stretched or partial scans, or unable to manage the auto-feeders, or even completely ineffective).

As I work on multiple other subjects, I dis-installed all HP drivers from my developement machine when my unit tests were done okay.

Now, weeks later, I am just COMPLETELY UNABLE to find that precise version of the driver. In the HP repository, and all over the net all I have found are: the hp scanjet 5590 TWAIN 1.9 (32-32), and other Hp varying Scanjet drivers stuffs with different name but containing 5590... but all are not working properly.

So my aim is to find the hp scanjet 5590 TWAIN 1.0 (32-32) again.

What would you do in my case ? Where would you search ?

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Have you tried going to HP's official web site? There are a number of vintage drivers listed there. Maybe you will find what you need amongt them. There is also a "contact us" link where you might be able to ask someone at HP for help directly. Hope this helps. – Ælfstangard Aug 26 '13 at 17:32
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I would suggest using's wayback machine and see if you can find the old drivers from there.

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