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I used a cygwin command like

rsync -rtl --delete --delete-excluded /cygwin/c /mydisk

on Windows XP and ended up with a 94 line long completely insane ACL for /mydisk/c. None of the options rtl should preserve ACL and there's surely no option for creating such a big mess.

I want no access control on /mydisk (i.e. an ACL granting access to everyone). I think I can fix it now using

cd /mydisk; cacls . /t /p everyone:f

Is this correct?

How can I make rsync do it this way?

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I would like to know a way to have rsync not touch my ACLs as well (i.e. just leave the ACL handling to Windows). – palswim Apr 14 '11 at 15:46
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rsync support keeping permissions with --perms and changing permissions with --chmod. There is also something called --acls, but I'm not sure how this is applied under cygwin.

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