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I am translating some po-files and I would like to run a spell checker over them. I have Ubuntu 10.10 and use gtranslator. As far as I know, gtranslator can't spellcheck the whole file.

I tried ispell: $ ispell - this doesn't work, as English and German strings, as well as some programming-relevant comments appear in the .po-file.

Do you know any program running on Ubuntu which can spell check po-files?

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I've just pushed a po file spell checker to github:

The behavior imitates aspell wherein it shows you the mispelled word and suggests corrections.

Run it like this:

$ pospelchek -l de_DE

or to get the man page:

$ pospelchek -h
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You'll have to install the relevant dictionaries for the languages that you want to spellcheck. These are the same dictionaries that aspell uses. – holygeek Aug 16 '11 at 15:20

You could try this online tool:, it doesn't have an actual spell check option, but you can have a translator do that for you via the platform as a contributor to your project, or you could try to compare your translation to an automatic one that the program can generate.

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There is spellcheck, an aspell wrapper script written in python that adds basic support for .po files (requires Babel).

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