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Thunar is my main file manager. Normally it automatically creates thumbnail images of all images in the directory being viewed. After experimenting with other Linux distros then installing Arch Linux once and for all, Thunar is not showing thumbs. Image files all get the same generic image icon.

Googling turned up some information:

  • Something called gvfs needs to be installed. I have it. Still no go. (Apparently this isn't actually needed anyway.)
  • Someone had this problem and fixed it by running some mime-related command (I didn't save any notes) I did this same command but no go.
  • Checking the obvious: in Thunar's Edit/Preferences, yes, the [x] Show thumbnails is turned on.

When I view one image in GIMP or EOG, the generic icon in Thunar is replaced by a thumbnail. But only for that one file I opened.

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It now occurs to me that there's a unix/linux SE site. Is there an easy no-brainer way to transfer this question over there? – DarenW Mar 18 '11 at 2:53
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A package called tumbler is needed for thunar to automatically generate thumbnails.

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This is strange, I never needed tumbler when I used Thunar :/ – grawity Mar 19 '11 at 16:25
For me, tumbler-plugins-extra did the trick on a Debian system. – hochl Feb 17 at 0:00

Removing configuration in Ubuntu helped me show thumbnails in thunar again:
mv ~/.config/Thunar ~/.config/Thunar.bak

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I had to "chown -R *username* ~/.thumbnails" obviously replacing username with your user name. This immediately fixed my problem.

Root was the owner of .thumbnails. I found this by opening GIMP and it gave an error that it could not gain access to .thumbnails, but, if GIMP isn’t giving you this error this may not be the solution for you.

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