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I have several computers accessing the Internet at once. And with one download a file using a download manager (either bittorrent, orbit, etc.), the computer with that softwares grabs almost all the bandwidth then.

Is there a way to limit the bandwidth to be used per computer so that even with a download manager, all computers share the same bandwidth speed (I'm pertaining to the download speed)?

I have these switch connected to a main switch directly connected to the modem. All computers utilize Windows XP Professional.

Your response is highly appreciated.

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Some routers can limit bandwidth per port or per client or per address block using QoS. The exact method of doing it (if at all) would depend on the model of router you have. If you are only using switches in a parallel configuration with static IPs then no, unless you can talk your ISP into setting it up for you (which some will per IP or IP block for a price).

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Speaking of limiting bandwidth per address, is this a LAN IPv4 Address? – Cyril Horad Mar 17 '11 at 16:31
Yes, although I have seen some routers that can specify by MAC address as well. – MaQleod Mar 17 '11 at 16:41

If you are running a Windows based operating system limit bandwidth on each node through Active Directory.

Install the web server role, this will give you more options similar to Group Policy.

Also, like someone else said, you could use QOS, but this option would take longer than creating a template and deploying it.

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