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I have an Asus EeePC 1005PE netbook and im planning on doing a massive re-partitioning (going to install Ubuntu, Mint, XP, etc)

Ive noticed it has 2 "special" partitions: a 10Gb Fat32 RESTORE hidden partition (used by BIOS "F9 recovery" feature) and a 16Mb "unknown" partition at the end of the drive (used by BIOS "Boot Booster" feature).

So, for both partitions, my question is:

  • Can I move/resize the recovery partition freely?

  • What are the requirements for it? (i mean, for it still be found by BIOS when i press F9/Activate BootBooster?). Partition table order? Partition type? Flags? Label? UUID?

  • Can i make it a Logical (instead of primary) partition?

  • Does it must be the flagged as boot?

And, more importantly: where can i find any official documentation about it? Ive ready many (mis)information about it... some say Boot Booster partition must be last (in partition table), some say Recovery must be 2nd, that it must be bootable, etc. How can I know what is really needed for the BIOS to use both F9 and Boot Booster?

Note: Im using gParted from a Live USB Stick (Mint 10 / Ubuntu 10.10), and ive noticed that, since the filesystem type of the Boot Booster is not recongnized, it cant move or resize it. Can I delete it and re-create it somewhere else? Whenever i create a 0xEF partition gParted crashes and quits and i cannot open it again (must delete the partition using fdisk / cfdisk)

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This might help future askers of this question: I just installed Linux Mint13 on my 1005PE by removing only the Windows partition and replacing it with two primary partitions (swap and /) and putting the bootloader on the mbr (/dev/sda instead of /dev/sda1).

Didn't touch the Bootbooster or Recovery partitions and they both seem to work fine. No I didn't fully test, but I get to a recovery environment and working splashtop, so I think it's all good.

So my partition table looks like this, in physical order on disk:

TYPE    PARTITION FileSYS SIZE      MNTPoint (FLAGS)        (What's on it)
PRIMARY /dev/sda1 SWAP    1024MB                            Linux Swap
PRIMARY /dev/sda4 EXT4    221.91GiB /        (boot flag)    Linux Everything Else
PRIMARY /dev/sda2 FAT32   10GiB              (hidden flag)  Windows Recovery
PRIMARY /dev/sda3 unknown 18.89MiB                          Bootbooster?

The strange ordering is from just removing the original Windows partition. Yes, it's dirty and there's no reason why it couldn't have been a Logical partition with more extended segments.

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I've found if i messed with ANYTHING, on any of the 3 eee pcs I have available, the backup fails. If you have the CD and can use that, feel free to wipe the partitions.

Boot boster can be turned off in bios, so i assume you can safely wipe that if you turn it off.

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I didnt came with any CD or DVD, only with the RECOVER partition, so I cant wipe the partitions. As for boot booster, i dont want to lose that useful feature. I need to know exactly the DOs and DONTs of these 2 partitions, so in the end of my re-partitioning both are still functional – MestreLion Mar 18 '11 at 7:07
You may be able to get your hands on an ISO for one of those and even make a bootable usb drive. or at least get the CD. But i can't tell you what would happen if you wipe them. Mine have all been wiped, but have linux (opensuse) installed. – alpha1 Mar 22 '11 at 4:52

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