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Now I get a, previously it was executed using PuTTY provided it was written in VMWare, but now I want to execute in Windows using Cygwin, I already copy the out to the corresponding directory, but some commands Cygwin can not recognise.

 date +%T

TIME = generate()
echo " Current Time: $TIME"

After execute in Cygwin line 3: syntax errot neat unexpected token '$'<\r'' line 3:'generate<><
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You have a couple of errors in your script. You can't have spaces around the equal sign in an assignment. In order to assign the output of a function or program to a variable, you have to use command substitution which means the command name is surrounded by $() (which is preferable) or backticks (which is less desirable). Also, when you call a function, you don't use parentheses after the function name like you would in other languages.

generate () {
    date +%T


echo " Current Time: $TIME"

The $'\r' error comes from having Windows line endings. You can use dos2unix to convert the file or use an editor that you can choose which type of endings to save a file with.

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I still new in shell script, this troubles me when i follow a linux shell script book, it always execute in Linux environment but i try it in Windows, so there are problems appear. Thank you very much for your help – Lily Mar 18 '11 at 6:33

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