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I am trying to assign a hotkey to open a folder in snow leopard. For example, in windows i could simply press the Windows+E to open the My Computer folder (or manually assign whatever folder i wanted to open). Is there a way to get this same behavior in OSX?

I want to be able to launch applications, and open folder with my own keyboard mappings.

For launching applications I use automator, create a service that receives no input to 'launch application' (from the utilities library). Then i can assign a keyboard shortcut to this service. Now i can launch applications with keyboard shortcuts.

I still dont know how to open a folder. I know this can be done using quicksilver - but am looking for an organic approach that does not require any additional installs.

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You can also instruct Automator to open a certain folder:

tell application "Finder" to open folder "Home:Documents"

Also note some Finder-specific keyboard shortcuts:

  • Cmd+Shift+A opens Applications
  • Cmd+Shift+H opens your Home folder
  • Cmd+Shift+D opens the Desktop
  • Cmd+Shift+O opens your Documents
  • Cmd+Shift+C opens the Computer (like Windows+E)

You can also press Cmd+Shift+G and enter a folder's path to open it directly.

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You can use the Automator actions named "Get Specified Finder Items" and "Open Finder Items" in combination.

enter image description here

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