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I've 2 linux PCs and i would like to share a folder between them. The 2 linux PCs are Debian derivatives (one knoppix, the other linux mint debian).

Can someone explain how to setup the knoppix machine to share a folder with the other.


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sshfs if you want an ad-hoc solution

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You could either do it the 'Windows' way and install Samba to share out some folders, or you could use NFS to do it the proper Unix way.

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With an in-kernel CIFS client, Samba isn't a bad choice. IMHO, better than NFSv3. – grawity Mar 18 '11 at 22:41
Everything else seems to use CIFS these days, so why not follow the crowd? – Majenko Mar 18 '11 at 22:48

I usually keep files synced between my Linux, Windows and Android devices by using Dropbox.

It may be a dirty solution, but it works fine.

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You could use a network file system eg AFS, though that might be overkill. Have you considered a separate file server? Personally I'd use version control (git, mercurial) and sync from a remote repository, unless your files are too large to manage that way.

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