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pip freeze shows me the packages installed, but how do I check against pypi which ones are outdated?

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Since version 1.3, pip features a new command:

$ pip list --outdated
requests (Current: 1.1.0 Latest: 1.2.0)

See this post for more information.

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Perhaps pip-tools, available at, might help you achieve what you want?

An example from the README:

$ pip-review --interactive
requests==0.14.0 available (you have 0.13.2)
Upgrade now? [Y]es, [N]o, [A]ll, [Q]uit y
redis==2.6.2 available (you have 2.4.9)
Upgrade now? [Y]es, [N]o, [A]ll, [Q]uit n
rq==0.3.2 available (you have 0.3.0)
Upgrade now? [Y]es, [N]o, [A]ll, [Q]uit y
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Use this pip fork:

Which does exactly what you want using this command:

$ pip list --outdated
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lol, thanks dsa. We both already commented on the fork before :) – Xster Apr 26 '11 at 2:44

Similar to pip list --outdated but updates a requirements.txt file:

pur -r requirements.txt



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