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I'm looking to create a new Skype account, but have things pick up right where they left off for my contacts.

I've already transferred the Skype AppData information, but I have a slightly more advanced question.

How can I make it so my contacts have the chat history from my last account?

i.e. I want them to be able to open a conversation with my NEW skype account and see our last words from my OLD skype account. What do they have to do to make this possible?

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Pretty sure that is not possible because chat history is stored locally on each individuals computer. – Arctor Mar 19 '11 at 7:21

The Skype message history is stored in only one file: On Windows 7, it's C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\Skype\<yourskypename>\main.db. Try to copy this file to the other account (while Skype is not running, obviously). I haven't tried that, but I have successfully restored all my message logs with only this one file from backups.

If you just copied your whole AppData\Skype\ folder, it doesn't work if you don't change the <yourskypename> part according to your other account name. But that should be all there is to do! Let me know if it worked.

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I cut and paste my messenger conversations from Skype into word documents and keep them in my customer files, to have an ongoing record of what we discuss. :) I realise this is not the same as having the originals, but hope that it is also useful!

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