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I like to use Winsplit Revolution to position open windows in a specific place on my screen in a grid-like fashion. One of the things I like about Winsplit Revolution is that the default keyboard shortcuts use the physical layout of the numeric keypad as a mnemonic for where each key positions a window (e.g. Ctrl + Alt + 7 positions window in top left hand corner because 7 is in top left hand corner and Ctrl + Alt + 3 positions window in bottom right hand corner because 3 is in bottom right hand corner).

I am looking to get a laptop (Macbook Pro) whose keyboard does not feature a numeric keypad. Can anyone suggest a set of keyboard shortcuts on such a machine that provides a similar mnemonic to aid in remembering what each shortcut does, rather than a simple arbitrary assignment of shortcuts? To be clear, I am not interested in specific window management software, just suggestions for keyboard shortcuts that are easy to remember.

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