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I purchased Dell Inspiron Mini 1011 Netbook with Windows 7 pre installed. I installed Ubuntu 10.10 version and it loaded perfectly well.

My Wi-fi was not connected. Hence I decided to delete Ubuntu.

When I boot now, I get the error:

#22: "no such partition".

Reinstalling Windows is not an option, because Dell has not supplied the Windows 7 starter pack.

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The recovery partition is generally a seperate partition, and has to have a bootloader aware of it - installing linux often removes that bootloader, even if the partition is there. there IS, however a slightly roundabout way to get windows usable again - you will need a system rescue disk - which you can generate from another windows 7 system. that SHOULD restore the original bootloader.

You should then be able to make recovery disks from your windows install.

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The Setup Guide for your netbook states clearly on page 44 what you have to do to reset your netbook to the factory defaults.

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