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I need capability to have two (or more) different sessions, with separate history and bookmarks, but sharing all other config. One for work, one for entertainment.
But I need to keep shared settings and addons.
Is it possible?

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I was looking for the same thing -- I just found this:

and it looks like exactly what I need. Perhaps it will be helpful to you (and others) as well.

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I think this link ought to be your solution

Excerpts from the article

There’s two ingredients to getting this to work.

  1. Firefox profiles


To make multiple profiles for Firefox, simply run “Firefox.exe -P” from a command line. This opens up the Profile Manager. Create as many profiles that you feel you’ll need independent sessions. Then create a shortcut to Firefox.exe on your desktop or quickbar for each profile you made. Right click the icon for each shortcut and open the properties window. In the Target field you need to specify which profile to use when launching Firefox like this:

“F:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -P “ProfileA”

Then just create a new environment variable MOZ_NO_REMOTE with a value of 1.

Then you can click each Firefox icon and you’ll have a seperate session for each of your browser windows. Have fun.

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you can do so by making multiple profile. to know more about profiles in firefox goto . and to know how to make or delete profile goto hope it will help you.

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Not exactly what I need. Each profile is completely separate, with it's own addons, settings, etc. I need only separate history and bookmarks. – user66548 Mar 19 '11 at 9:24

You should be able to use Sandboxie create two sandboxes each with Full Access to the files with the things you want shared the rest like places.sqlite (Bookmarks/History) will be trapped in the sandbox and viewable to that instance of Firefox only.

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