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Possible Duplicate:
What good, free audio CD ripping/extraction tools exist for Windows, and supporting multiple formats?

I have an audio cd, which has audio files with the file format as .cda ( CD Audio Track ).

Each one of these files have a size of 1 KB each, and the rest of the CD has nothing else.

Is there a way that I can
get the audio files from the CD
then convert it into mp3 format
and then play it in any other devices as I like.

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My favorite tool for audio extraction has been CDeX for years, but Exact Audio Copy is also very good. They will both extract to mp3 in one step.

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Thats called ripping - there's about a billion different softwares for doing it - i personally use fre:ac to do it. pop in the disc, run the software, and that's about it.

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