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I have made a class diagram and i have saved it as a JPG from Microsoft Visio.

How do I convert the JPG to a VSD file so that I can make changes to it?

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I do not know anything about the subject, but converting a picture to a vsd-file sounds impossible to me. It is the same as if you tried to convert a news magazine back to word document..? (they don't use word for that though)

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Or like trying to extract the people from a photograph so you can talk to them. Impossible. You could load the JPG in an image manipulation program (Photoshop, PSP, The Gimp, etc) and make some changes to it. –  Majenko Mar 20 '11 at 9:01
Once a Visio document is saved as a JPG file, it loses the information necessary for Visio to edit it. –  Keltari Apr 23 at 12:45

This is very difficult, as saving as JPEG discards information (which parts belong together, etc.).

You could make the image editable by vectorizing it, but even that will not give you a Visio file, just something you can edit in a vector graphics editor like Inkscape.

I'm afraid the easiest solution is to regenerate the diagram.

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Double click on the image that you have saved. Or take that image in word file and double click there, it will directly open with visio if installed on your system.

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Formats like JPG, GIF etc should not have been included as "Save" options, that implies there is a restore facility, Far better would have been to make these formats available on an "Export" menu.

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