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I have migrated from Outlook to Thunderbird. In Outlook I have many folders with notes. Notes migrated to Thunderbird as messages. Now I want to edit some of the notes with additional/changed info.

The only solution that I have found is to use as new message. Make my changes. And replace the old message/note with the new from the draft folder. This is very difficult. Is there a simpler solution. For example with a plugin?

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You can drag it into the drafts folder, then when you open it there is an edit button that will allow you to edit it. Then you can save it and drag it back to the original folder.

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The options are

  • Use an add-on like HeaderToolsLite
  • Move message to Drafts folder and edit it
  • Edit the message store directly/offline (not what I recommend)

Please see mozillaZine: Edit a stored message for a good and rather official overview. As you can see it recommends the add-on HeaderToolsLite which is actively developed and available on

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