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So I am making a website, and I want to replace code amongst many files at the same time, rather than doing it individually which would take an extremely long time. I am currently using codas find and replace but the small input box makes this hard and codas find and replace feature is not very advanced.

Is there any separate apps that are dedicated to this? any other tips etc?

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Coda has a very advanced search/replace functionality. Select Edit » Find » Find in Files.

enter image description here

You notice the triangle drag thingy on the lower right? And the button with dropdown symbol to the left?

enter image description here

There you go: Two clicks and you have an arbitrarily large search box and more regexp option syntax choices than you possibly can learn.

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I use TextWrangler for my HTML. While it's not a dedicated application, it is free (available from Mac App Store) and it does a good Search & Replace.

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sed, if you're comfortable with the terminal. 'man sed' for more information. From the man file for sed:

The sed utility reads the specified files, or the standard input if no files are specified, modifying the input as specified by a list of commands. The input is then written to the standard output.

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