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I have bunch of SVG icons that I'd like to use for my application to be developed in VB.Net 2010, and since it has no support to handle SVG icons, I need to convert those icons into either PNG or ICO, with preferred output resolution. I've found such command-line tool for Ubuntu called rsvgconvert. Do we have any such tool for Windows as well??

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ImageMagick has a command line tool that is available for Linux and Windows (and others). The converter tool is conveniently called "convert". Here's some usage documentation.

And here's where you can get a Windows installer.

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ImageMagick should not immediately associate to just any batch task involving images. Especially in this case where ImageMagick is poor solution for SVG conversion.

Better try Inkscape on command line:

inkscape in.svg --export-png=out.png

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Why do you say inkscape is better than ImageMagick? I don't disagree (or agree), just curious for more details. – Sam May 24 '14 at 17:29
The reason being imageMagick is suited to better handle png,jpg etc.. while inkscape is better suited to handle vector images (svg) – user93 Jul 14 at 7:11

InkscapeBatch does the job on Windows. Requires Inkscape.

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Doesn't work. I tried it after installing Inkscape v0.91, and it says Inkscape wasn't found. – Joris Groosman Feb 16 at 11:34

The command line did not work out of the box, plus I wanted 100 files to be converted. Here is how I made it work with windows 7:

  1. install inkscape - not the portable one!

  2. copy all your svg files in one folder, e.g. "C:\svgs\" there:

  3. you create a convert.bat file with this line inside:

    FOR %%A IN (*.svg) DO "C:\Program Files (x86)\Inkscape\inkscape.exe" --export-png=%%A.png

    (point to the correct folder of your installation):

  4. open the CMD as admin! To do so, hit the WIN key, type cmd, right click on "cmd.exe" and select "Run as administrator".

  5. navigate to your "C:\svgs\" and type convert.bat -- All svg-files will be converted to PNGs.

  6. Use Windows Explorer to search for the converted PNG files. On my PC they were in folder: C:\Users\myname\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Inkscape\svgs

Hope that helps.

As the resolution for the command line could only be set fixed as far as I could see, I ended up using the InkscapeBatch tool. There I could set the DPI to increase all images relatively.

You need to specify the correct settings or it will not work. Here is what I did:

enter image description here

enter image description here

After you hit "Finish", you need to press the button "Start batch converter..." in the toolbar:

enter image description here

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After wrestling with this for almost 2 hours I settled with Inkscape. Since I needed to batch convert a bunch of files in many different resolutions I have created a Powershell. With 106 SVGs my computer froze for about 5 seconds, so be careful when using this.

$inkscapeExe = "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\inkscape.exe"
$svgFolder = "C:\Images\SVG"
$width = 120
$height = 120

$svgFiles = Get-ChildItem $svgFolder -Filter *.svg
foreach ($svgFile in $svgFiles)
    $inputParam  = $svgFile.FullName 
    $outputParam = "--export-png=" + $svgFile.FullName + "x" + $width + "x" + $height + ".png" 
    $widthParam  = "-w" + $width
    $heightParam = "-h" + $width

    & $inkscapeExe $inputParam $outputParam $widthParam $heightParam
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ImageMagick is available for Windows and can convert between SVG and PNG and ICO (among others). You can set size and other attributes for the output file.

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