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I'm using Mozilla Firefox on Ubuntu 10.10, suddenly I don't find the video I'm browsing in "/tmp" nor in the browser cache "/home/.mozilla/firefox/cache", where else can I find the streaming video I'm browsing?

Is there any easy way to download videos from, etc. on Ubuntu?

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The new Flash Player no longer stores the videos in /tmp but in Firefox' cache, which does not allow you to extract it as easily as just copying it... You need to downgrade to an earlier Flash version ( at most). Get it here.

However, I'd recommend using an up-to-date Flash Player, since new versions contain bug fixes and security patches. You can download Youtube video's through websites like KeepVid, Flash Video Downloader and SaveTube.

Otherwise, use a Firefox add-on like Flash Video Downloader's.

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Same problem. Use the DownloadHelper addon instead.

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