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I have proftpd set up on my linux home server. As I have a dynamic IP at home, I am using to provide a hostname for me. I have told proftpd to use this address as the MasqueradeAddress, to allow passive FTP connections through my NAT router.

However, whenever I boot my server, proftpd fails to start saying it cannot resolve this address. I assume this is due to the boot order, as something network or DNS related hasn't started up by then and it can't find the address.

How should I deal with this problem? Can I get proftpd to do its checking for the address later on? Or can I change the startup order so that proftpd is started as the final item in the boot sequence?

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For me, in British Columbia, Canada, I can resolve that hostname to although it doesn't respond to ICMP (initiated by the "ping" utility). – Randolf Richardson Mar 21 '11 at 2:38

Check your /etc/resolv.conf file, and make sure it specifies your router's internal IP address (probably the same as your gateway since you're using NAT).

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