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After a series of updates, my chrome browser will not display flash content properly anymore.

For example, if I go to I can see the speedtest applet but it's flickering funny colours and not loading correctly.

Other flash websites don't load at all.

Originally, I installed flash using the process described here.

I tried reinstalling everything but the result is the same.

Any ideas?

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Solved it myself. One thing I didn't mention is that I'm on a 64bit version of linux. I think this is the issue.

For Chromium in Ubuntu or Kubuntu linux, uninstall the package flashplugin-installer i.e. in a terminal window

sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-installer sudo apt-get autoremove

Then run

sudo mkdir /opt/google/chrome/plugins

Then go here:

Download the 64bit version of adobe flash player "square".

Copy the enclosed to /opt/google/chrome/plugins

Restart chrome and it should be all go from there.

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Purge (completely remove) flashplugin-nonfree and then simply reinstall the same.

This downloads a new version of Flash player completely with updates etc automatically. No reboot needed.

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