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The following diagram represents my current network.


I would like for the Phone and the Laptop both on wireless to have internet access but not access to the other PCs/shares.

I have access to routing tables in both the cable router and the wireless router

any ideas?


router models:

  • wired : ASUS RX3042H
  • wireless : Linksys WRT54G (default Firmware)
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If the router supports VLANs, you could put the two devices into separate ones, giving wireless access but no ability to see each others' shares. What's your router make/model?

Edit: Since you have now added that you have a Linksys WRT54G router, check out the version number and then see the following page at the OpenWrt site - if you fancy taking this route (ha - 'route' geddit!?), you might be able to install a version of OpenWrt that gives you VLAN functionality.

Edit2: Just found this page too:

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no VLAN afaik, I was thinking of routing 10.0.0.* (except to a unavailable gateway or one that doesn't know where to send 10. traffic – Jakob Cosoroaba Mar 21 '11 at 13:11

Put your Internet into the wireless router, and then put the wired router's WAN side on the LAN side of the wireless router. That way the wired router will firewall the wireless LAN clients from the wired network.

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