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I'm scanning several volumes of music theory books. Apart from creating one pdf/djvu for each book, I want to logically organize the contents, across volumes, in a searchable, collectable way. (No OCR)

Example: Let's say "Big Music Theory Book" is a series with 6 Volumes. Each volume has about a dozen chapters. A certain topic discussed in Vol 1 (say, on Meter), is elaborated in Vol 2. So I'd want to be able to combine these two chapters together and view.

I'd want to go through pages and add tags/keywords/text-descriptions, manually, to whole page or regions, and retrieve the pages by searching. I'd love to be able to create topic wise views, that retrieve pages across views. (In our example, the Meter)

Searching, collecting and presenting content in different views are not new to us. But,

  1. is there a (collection of) software, preferably open source, for doing the same on scanned pages.
  2. If not and if I have to hack around, what is the best way to start (keep scanned pages loose; djvu with outline, hidden text; epub ...)
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You can't search a bunch of page pictures without OCRing them, can you? – grawity Mar 21 '11 at 13:00
Well, you could index them manually, adding in page numbers and keywords that would be stored in some sort of back-end. But unless you know that your OCR software is crap for this input, you're probably better off applying OCR to the lot and storing it as hidden text and doing a search. – Michael Paulukonis Mar 21 '11 at 13:39
Some of these books are languages that OCR won't work yet. Tried some opensource ocrs on English scans, without good results. Anyways, 'Full-text' not needed. I'm ok with manually adding keywords to pages. – ananth.p Mar 21 '11 at 17:42

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