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I have a DOCX file that I'm trying to export from Word to PDF, but any way I try this, the hyperlinks stop working. Both the native PDF "Save As.." option and Print → "Save as Adobe PDF..." that comes with Acrobat Pro, all lose hyperlinks.

How can go around this?

PS: Using OpenOffice hyperlinks work fine, but several other parts of my DOCX get screwed, so I don't want to use it.

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The thread Links Lost on Conversion to PDF offers the following solution :

Open the word document in Pages and then export to pdf.

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Are you using the Ms 2007 or later, if so you just open you file in it. Then office symble>scroll down to "save as" >PDF/XPS

Maybe you choose print and trigger the virtual printer-Acrobat Pro

It's nonsense that the hyperlinks will gone I need to notice you the http links rather than hyperlinks can easily be perserved!

Or maybe there is something wrong with

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Unfortunately this is not a concrete answer, but it seems from reading through this thread and others that there is an issue with hyperlinks being lost when converting Word documents to PDF on Office for Mac - exactly the behaviour you are seeing.

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