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I use a 128GB flash drive to move my work between several PCs (all win XP sp3) and a Mac with OSX 10.6. The drive is formatted as NTFS, the Mac uses the Paragon NTFS driver for read/write access. Here's what happened:

  • Mac scanned through the whole flash drive and added its metadata to every file and directory.
  • My windows computers where I am the administrator, do not see this metadata in any way.
  • My windows computer in my client's office, where I do not have any admin rights, and which probably has some enhanced security imposed by IT, started to see the whole drive and all files on it as "read only".
  • Any other flash drives (FAT32), which I use on that office machine allow read/write access with no problems - so this looks as some interaction of that machine's security policies with what the Mac has added.

If I simply copy the files from the affected NTFS drive to any other drive, Windows says "there is :Mac_Metadata:$DATA attached to this file, if you continue to copy, it will be lost". And when I continue to copy - the resulting copied file has no restricting attributes at all.

So the question: Why is this happening and How to tell the Mac to stop adding such metadata to flash drives?

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The Mac_Metadata stream should in no way prevent you from writing to the files. Streams don't work that way. It's more likely that Paragon NTFS messed up the file security (ACLs) somehow; you should be able to fix it easily by using your home PC to take ownership of all files (and reset the ACL; cacls X:\ /t /g Everyone:F)

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