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Fedora 14 xfce

I am looking for the log messages where I can find out what time my netbook hibernated?

I have checked in the /var/log. And all I could see was pm-suspend.log and pm-powersave.log.

Is there one which would tell me what time my computer hibernated?

The reason for this is when I go out I leave my netbook running on the battery. When the battery get to about 5% it will hibernate. I just what to see what time it did hibernate?

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Try who -a /var/log/wtmp. – geekosaur Mar 21 '11 at 16:09
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Here is a thread with a couple of ideas on how you can catch the hibernate event and log it yourself: - Use dbus-python - Write PM scripts

I have never used dbus myself, but if you need help, here are some references: - - -

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