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In either Windows command prompt cmd.exe or the PowerShell, I can do tab completion for many things, such as cycling through commands, filenames, or directories. The problem is, it deletes everything after the cursor. So, if for example, I have two files I want to process, namely bojot.mp4 and donat.mp4, which both reside in the same directory, let's say I start with the first one:

ffmpeg -i c:\tmp\vid\bojot.mp4 -an -sameq -s 640x480 bangang.mpg

So far so good. Now I just need to change the input file right? Press once, retrace to bojot.mp4 and delete it, type d then TAB, just like in bash. But what I got is:

ffmpeg -i c:\tmp\vid\donat.mp4

What? Now I have to retype all the params and args! Can't I fix this?

Don't tell me Cygwin/MSys is the only way…

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This has been driving me crazy for the last weeks where I really started using Windows. – slhck Mar 21 '11 at 18:34
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I don't think this is possible with CMD, but you can with TCC/LE, which is a free alternative command shell with a superset of features.

I have it as a tab within Console2, where I have defined standard keyboard shortcuts for Copy and Paste as well, to make life easier.

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Hooray! A lightweight (it really starts up fast!) command console with just what I need! Except that you were a bit too late; I already installed Cygwin :( But thanks for pointing to Console2! (I wonder why it defaults to insert mode at first) (Note to self: preinstall TCC/LE on the next Windows box) – syockit Mar 22 '11 at 9:11
@syockit: You can also wrap Cygwin bash within Console2, in case you hadn't realised. – paradroid Mar 22 '11 at 17:03

If you want something lightweight that works within cmd, just install Clink. Makes path completion work as if it wasn't implemented by a drunkard. Also completes executables and environment variables. Fixes some of cmd's other shortcomings as well.

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