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I have OS X with Preview and OmniGraffle. In both of these apps, resizing an image to make it larger results in heavy anti-aliasing. I want just big pixels. How can I get that effect instead of the anti-aliasing?

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Pixen from the Open Sword Group is a pixel editor that fulfils your requirements. It is free (donationware), and comes in at 867 kb.

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You can zoom using Mac OS X's integrated zoom functionality (usually Ctrl-Scroll).

I can configure it in System Preferences » Trackpad on my Macbook Pro. It has the option to disable/enable image smoothing, and you can toggle any time by pressing Cmd-Opt-\.

enter image description here

Screenshots created while zooming are zoomed. Unmodified rectangle selection screenshot:

enter image description here

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Very nice answer, but it doesn't allow me to resize things super-huge. I'm actually just dissatisfied that Omnigraffle doesn't have this simple feature. – themirror Mar 22 '11 at 5:36
@marienbad OmniGraffle is primarily a vector tool. Why should it have extensive pixel image configuration? I am able to enlarge every pixel to 20x20 dimensions -- what's your use case? What do you want to accomplish? – Daniel Beck Mar 22 '11 at 5:40

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