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Windows Update keeps offering to install Games for Windows V3.0. How do I get it to stop?

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Thank you all very much... the manual install of GFWL solved my problem. :) – markus9191 Aug 21 '09 at 9:10
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I solved this issue by removing the Games for Windows Live applications (I removed both "Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE" and "Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE Redistributable") from my computer, then downloading the installation program from the website and re-installing GFWL.

You can download the program here (scroll down to the big yellow button).

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Do you perhaps have a previous version of that package installed? It might not be wanting to perform a fresh install, but instead be trying to apply a mandatory update patch.

Edit: After looking at the German, I see that it's not "Wichtig"; "Important", but rather "empfehlen"; "Recommended". I see the "Status" column says "erfolgreich"; "Successful".

Edit2 I also note the column further to the right labeled "Installationsdatum"; "Installation date". My question stands. :-)

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If you have an old version and the update is just failing it might be worth downloading the latest version and doing a manual install.

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