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I have created this custom command in WinSCP with options as described:

description: &Find
command: find . -name "!?Search for files:?!"
remote command: enabled
show results in terminal: enabled


  1. When I right-click any of the remote directories, none of the remote commands are enabled (greyed out). Only local commands (e.g., print) is enabled. Why is that?

  2. When I add a new remote custom command, why is "apply to directories and execute recursively" disabled?

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Got the answer to the 1st one. You gotta SFTP it and not FTP.

But the second problem is still there. When I add a remote custom command, "apply to directories" and "execute recursively" are greyed out. Don't know why.

update: got the answer for second one too. it seems winscp is smart enough to determine which commands require those special options. for ex., when i typed tar those options were enabled but such was not the case for ps command.

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WinSCP Remote custom commands (as a kind of remote commands) work with SCP only (and with SFTP by fallback to SCP):

Apply to directories: You need to have some file-related pattern in your command, such as !.

Execute recursively: The same as Apply to directories, except that you cannot use !& or !^!.

Both documented here (just click Help button on the dialog):

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