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Is there a way to quickly fill down a column of functions. For example, if I change my function from


And then fill down so it does it for a lot of rows.

But then change this column to:


Is there a way to quickly update all my functions in the column?

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Update your formula in the first cell. Position you mouse over the bottom-right hand corner of the cell, the cursor which change from a white-cross to a black-cross. Double-click and your range will auto-fill with your new formula.

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Drag and Fill Again.

If this is a common occurrence you can used Named Constants for the constant value, so you can change it easy.

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You can do a copy and replace.

So highlight the cells you want to change, and do a Ctrl-F and replace the value according.

However this might have side effects you might not desire.

For example lets say you want to change 3 to 10, then you might actually change cell B3 to B10, B30 to B100 etc. . .

Your best bet is to make a constant by having all the values represented in another cell.

For exmaple A1 then your formula will look like

$A$1 * B1
$A$1 * B2
$A$1 * B3

etc.. .

Then you just change A1 and all your forumlas update accordingly.

($ means don't change the cell either column or row after when I do a drag or fill. In this example A and 1 do not change.)

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