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I'm running Jolicloud 1.2 from a USB stick. I clicked the "run but don't install option" at the start up menu and then i created an account. It says I am logged in as guest mode.

How can I copy files from my original c:\ which is listed in the file manager to my usb stick. There's no button and drag and drop doesn't work

is there a way to get into terminal?

Is it perhaps restricted because I am a "guest"?

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I worked it out, you can launch the file manager by downloading a file in google chrome and clicking "show in folder" when you right click on the file in the downloads page (ctrl+j in chrome gets you there)

I still don't know where to launch this from natively.

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You can also use the Local Apps ⇨ More Apps to open a file browser (at least in Nautilus 2.30.1)

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ALT+F2 and then type: Nautilus This will open the classic file browser.

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