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I'm installing Firefox 4 on my work's managed linux system, so I can't access the package manager.

I downloaded the Firefox 4 tar from their website and unpacked it into my home directory as per the instructions given here which say to unpack the tar into ~, which gives the directory ~/firefox.

After doing this run the firefox script as ~/firefox/firefox. When I do this I get the error message:

Couldn't calculate the application directory.

Has anyone else experienced this. It worked ok with the Firefox RC2 that I've just tried replacing.

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I've got the same problem, but with thunderbird rather than firefox. – Chris Cleeland Apr 27 '11 at 12:55
If you are still having this problem, are you running a 32 bit version of linux? If so, is it possible that your home directory is on a filesystem with 64 bit inodes? – Mark Booth Sep 20 '12 at 9:58

I was able to solve this problem on Fedora Linux 10 by adding the directory that contains the firefox binary to the PATH environment variable.

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