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I create links in Open Office Calc, and i can use them with mouse.
Can i open those links with Keyboard?

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Select them and use the right click button? Anyway, it's a good question. – AndrejaKo Mar 23 '11 at 13:02

I found such way:

To open a hyperlinked cell with the keyboard, select the cell, press F2 to enter the Edit mode, move the cursor in front of the hyperlink (press left arrow), press Shift+F10 (or menu key on bottom of the keyboard), and then choose Open Hyperlink.

This isn't fast method, but may be useful.

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I'm not overly familiar with OpenOffice, BUT..! In excel this requires a macro. Something like:

Sub shouldbeadefaultfeature() ActiveCell.Hyperlinks(1).Follow End Sub

Then you assign it a hotkey, and it works. E.g. if you assign it to ctrl and a button, it will follow the hyperlink.

I assume the same would work for OpenOffice, but I am not sure of the macro manipulation in it. Good Luck!

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