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I'm trying to change the desktop color to black but I can't seem to find how, other than by creating a solid black image.

In System Preferences -> Desktop & Screensaver, there are a few colors, but I can't find any way to change the desktop background color to black...

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I believe you can create ~/Library/Desktop Pictures and place anything you want in there. The Apple-provided solid colors are simply PNGs in /Library/Desktop Pictures/Solid Colors.

mress:10242 Z$ ls /Library/Desktop\ Pictures/Solid\ Colors 
Solid Aqua Blue.png       Solid Gray Light.png      Solid Mint.png
Solid Aqua Dark Blue.png  Solid Gray Medium.png     Solid White.png
Solid Aqua Graphite.png   Solid Kelp.png
Solid Gray Dark.png       Solid Lavender.png
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Download: Solid Black

Place it in /Library/Desktop Pictures/Solid Colors/

Browser to where you were in System Prefs, Select it from the list.

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