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I know I can use Matlab for this. But my question is that is there any dedicated 3D plotting software for Mac, which can to generate surface and contour plots from a spread sheet file.

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Have a look at Google Sketchup, 3D modeling software.

Free and pro versions...

For Windows XP/Vista/7 & Mac OS X (10.5+)

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R could be a nice alternative, check some of the possibilities of quantmod, rgl and scatterplot3d.

If you need a dedicated program for your purposes, you could write your customized functions and call the R script from command line, or if you insist on using GUI, that could be also achieved.

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Thanks a lot. This looks like something I won't. Basically, MATLAB is a very inefficient program. Although the output is quite good. I'll try R. – Raiyan Kabir Mar 22 '11 at 19:45

You might also checkout Gnuplot for the Mac.

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