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I have a Western Digital Password external HD USB2.0

I works on some computer (a desktop PC with Vista, a laptop with XP) and do not works on some other.

I makes an iterative "tick" noise and sometime even makes a beep sound! (it is not even shown on the Windows the device manager)

(I tested it with Hiren Boot CD also : it is the same issue...)

What can I do to make it regonized on all computers? Does it come from the PC usb controller ?

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It sounds like the drive is dying. I would connect it to a computer that recognizes it and back up all the data, then see if you have a warranty on it. Most of these come with a one-year manufacturers warranty. The "tick" noise is a sign that the drive is malfunctioning.

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Iterative ticks are very bad signs on hard drives. It could be a lack of power on the USB bus to power it, but is also likely to be the sign of a dying hard drive.

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