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I've been moving all my user files to a second hard drive. I've moved all the special folders effectively but there are several folders I don't know what to do with. They appear to be system folders and have a long 36 character string for a name like: {000f498e-cbc6-4657-9a4e-a468242d6310}. They all contain .inf, .cat, .dll files and two of them have subdirectories named i386. Unlike all the other folders in my c:\users\matt directory these folder did not have the "Location" option in properties so I couldn't move them that way.

What are these files? Should I move them manually, leave them alone or delete them?

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Could you give the exact path to some of the folders you mentioned in your question? – Kez Mar 24 '11 at 11:43
I'm on my phone right now so its hard to enter it but just add the long folder name I mentioned in the question to the the path I cited. The are all in the "matt" directory so just tack it on the end of that path. – matt Mar 24 '11 at 14:03
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Every time I've seen those folders, they appear to be left over from a Microsoft update. I usually move them to recycle bin if I can. If you decide to do it, backup your data files as a precaution.

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