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Anyone know where this is located?

I tried the usual directories that macports uses and there's nothing in my home directory.

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There is no separate configuration file for tmux’s status line. The set-option command can be used to configure the session options (those whose names start with status); see the Options section of tmux(1). To change the default value for all sessions, you will likely want to use set-option -g … so that your configuration will apply to all sessions that have not locally overridden the global defaults.

You can make configuration changes at any time in any of several different ways:

  • Press C-b (your prefix key, if you have redefined it), then : to type commands directly to tmux.
  • Issue tmux commands at the shell.
  • Put them in a file and type C-b then :source-file /path/to/file or
    issue tmux source-file /path/to/file at a shell.

Usually, you record such configuration changes in a .tmux.conf file in your home directory. You can, however, specify a replacement configuration file with the -f command line option when starting a new server (you have to exit all your existing sessions to restart the server — or start it under a different socket with -L or -S).

There is also a system-wide configuration file (it is loaded before the one in your home directory); the default location is /etc/tmux.conf, but MacPorts changes it to /opt/local/etc/tmux.conf. The system-wide configuration file is always loaded for all users, so you should be very careful about what you put in it.

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