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I use Google Chrome as the most preferrable web browser, and I'm also a fan of GDI++ (but not gdipp) tool that allows to replace the system font renderer to a MacOS-like one. That tool is able to affect the font rendering almost in all applications except of some system controls (like menus) as well as Chrome. I've found that the --no-sandbox switch in Chrome allows to reach the text appearance I really love and prefer, but it's a possible security threat. If not using the switch, GDI++ has no effect at all...

Is there a way to launch Chrome without --no-sandbox but considering GDI++ as a trusted application somehow (I'm not sure, GDI++ might try to inject some code)? Or should I pay attention at gdipp?

Thanks in advance.

Little P.S. I prefer GDI++ rather than gdipp, because GDI++ is more configurable to render fonts the way I like.

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According to, GDI++ Helium supports non-single-process Chrome, not sure since when but the version mentioned is 2008-12-25. Maybe you can try the Beginner's Starter Pack, downloadable at (

By the way, in what way do you need to configure gdi++ that is not achievable in gdipp?

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Thank you for the reply, syockit. Perhaps, I incorrectly said, but I could not configure gdipp the same way I did it for GDI++: well, being honestly, as far as I remember, gdipp just uses another options, and that confused me. :) I can show you a screenshot that reflects my current and favorite GDI++ settings (I don't know how to reach them exactly in gdipp):… . Perhaps you know, is it possible to get the exact style using gdipp? Thank you! – Lyubomyr Shaydariv Mar 24 '11 at 9:10
Can you post the related gdi++.ini entries on your question? The freetype edition has it under [Freetype], the Helium edition may have it under [Rasterize] and [Misc] as well, while the original edition probably has everything under [General]. – syockit Mar 24 '11 at 10:34
Here's my GDI++ config: – Lyubomyr Shaydariv Mar 24 '11 at 13:00
gdipp 0.9.1 has some unresolved font metrics bugs, so I'm unable to imitate your style with success. Your style uses embolden, but if I enable that, some letters have their last 2 pixel widths cut off. Maybe you should use Helium, available at the link I gave earlier. – syockit Mar 25 '11 at 9:25
Thank you for your efforts, syockit. I'll try and take your advices into account. – Lyubomyr Shaydariv Mar 25 '11 at 9:41

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