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I want to start xterm in maximized mode. For example: xterm -maximized. Could you suggest me a way (either via command line or via Xdefaults or anything else)?

There is a lot of discussion on Internet and none leads to a solution. I do not want to specify the geometry option, and then specify a large enough geometry. I just want it plain and simple - maximized. Does such an option exist?

Regards, Ajay.

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xterm -maximized

generally speaking, PROGRAM -help gives you help in unix.

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It looks like xterm supports exactly what you propose (xterm -maximized), but only as of Jan. 2009. See the changelog.

If you need to make it work with an older version of xterm, I would either try to figure out how to customize your window manager to maximize xterms with a certain resource set, or look for a way to programmatically set the maximize hints described here.

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