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Which ever site I visit I get this notification in Firefox

FireFox prevented this site( from asking you to install software on your computer.

And then I get a red bar below it which says

SYSTEM UPDATE REQUIRED - A critical software update is needed for your browser. Click allow to update now.

Here's a screen shot

enter image description here

I am not sure what's wrong? Is it a viral infection or maybe my Firefox has gone bad ?


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In Add-ons do you have an add on called Game Play Labs? Uninstall this and the red banner should dissapear.

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Thank a lot for your quick response, I thought it was some kind of virus. You are genius : ) How did you come to know there was a add-on of Game Play Labs? I think my brother had installed it. – Searock Mar 24 '11 at 14:12
it might be possible that Game Play Labs addon might not be confirming to some standards set by firefox 4 . @Searock : try uninstalling addons one by one to see which addon is causing trouble – Shekhar Mar 24 '11 at 14:16
@Searock I have came across this before, Im glad this has helped :). – Matt Mar 24 '11 at 14:19

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